Supabase, Self-hosting with Podman Instead of Docker!


Supabase, Self-hosting with Podman!

Supabase is an open source Firebase alternative providing all the backend features you need to build a product. You can use it completely, or just the features you need. Start a project with the hosted platform or learn how to host Supabase yourself with podman 👇.

Install requirements

You need to install podman, podman-docker and docker-compose

i’m using linux pop_os

sudo apt-get -y install podman podman-docker docker-compose

in your ~./bashrc file add docker as a podman alias (alias docker=podman)

Now. You have to clone the supabase repo:

git clone --depth 1


# Go to the docker folder
cd supabase/docker

# Copy the fake env vars
cp .env.example .env

Now. You have to configure docker hub mirror in /etc/containers/registries.conf :

sudo nano /etc/containers/registries.conf

Add these lines to the end of the file:

unqualified-search-registries = ['']

prefix = ""
location = ""

prefix = ""
location = ""

Save it! Now. You are ready to install supabase studio:

sudo docker-compose up

Finally. visit http://localhost:3000 to start using Supabase Studio.

local supabase dashboard

In case you face this error:

ERROR: for db error preparing container 22e6838a1fd10267d63f69ef400000a84a1a857a5e46718003f8a5f63388bb0f for attach: cannot listen on the TCP port: listen tcp4 :5432: bind: address already in use

Just change the POSTGRES_PORT in .env file.

😊 Enjoy!
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