Day 9-10: Webauthn library: done! 🎉


It’s done. The small helper library is finally done!

  • pages / CDN configured properly
  • links were fixed
  • readme improved
  • the missing verification algorithm was added
  • tested it

It was time consuming grunt work. But now it’s done. Hooray! 🎉🎉🎉

There is certainly room for improving the code, the docs and the tests, there always is, but it’s good enough for me! Now I will take a small break and soon focus on the next step(s). After all, this was just a small stepping stone of a grander project.

I also wondered about the next steps:

  • Participate in Hacktoberfest?
  • Showing this lib to specialized communities?
  • Writing a article about something?
  • Enjoying some free time (yay!)

We’ll see, stay tuned.

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