5 VSCode Extensions Every Web3 Developer should Install 🛠


Vscode Extensions saves you time and energy while coding. Beyond that, as web3 developers you need all the help you can get to write secure and error free smart contracts.

That’s why in this quick post I will share with you the VScode extensions I have installed on my machine to help me with web3 development.

Here are 5 VScode extensions you got to have as a web3 developer:

  1. Solidity by juanblanco

This has got to be one of the most installed extensions for solidity development. It provides code syntax highlighting, snippets and even code completion. It’s got many other goodies packed in. So you should absolutely install and explore this one.


  1. Solidity + Hardhat by nomic foundation

Hardhat is an Ethereum development environment. It makes it easy to write and compile smart contracts. Aside being one of the most popular Ethereum dev tools aside Truffle, Hardhat has got one of the most beginner friendly documentation out there. This extension pairs up with Hardhat tools to offer enhanced development workflow. You get amongst other things, code completion, quick code navigation and code formatting.


  1. Truffle for Vscode by truffle

Truffle is another great Ethereum development tool. Just like Hardhat, It makes it super easy to write code for the blockchain. I do not use this plugin personally but if you use the truffle environment, you should definitely get this installed.


  1. Solidity Debugger by meadow

Solidity Debugger is built to help you debug your smart contracts. It supports breakpoints, code stepping and local/state variable inspection. Want to grow as a web3 developer? You can start by knowing how to wield this extension.


  1. ETHover by tintinweb

I recently discovered this one. ETHover would show you details of any address that you use in your code. All you need do is hover on the address and you would see its account balance. You would need to create an Etherscan account to make this work.


Wrapping up

Alrighty then! There you have it, the 5 VScode extensions I would recommend you install as you begin your web3 journey. Do you use any of these already? Do you have an extension you feel should be up there with these 5? I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts. Thank you for reading this and see you in my next one.

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