Prologue — One devs journey


A brief history

It’s rude not to introduce myself, so I’ll start with a little background, just to get us started. I can call myself a developer for over 15 years now, and a tinkerer for a few more. I started playing with technology from the very young age of 7, when I entered and won a race event where I built a toy solar car. Till today, as a system architect and having some successes (and failures) at tech startups, and running my own dev & consulting business.

What’s the point of all this

As of late, my team and I have released the first of our libraries as open source, this has made me look back at the path that led me here. My main goal is to share that story, the ups and downs (and sometimes sideways) and hopefully it will help someone on their path. I can’t promise it will be interesting all the time (or even pretty), but I hope you will join me for the journey.

I’ll try and keep it brief

I will be writing this as a few different posts, each one not much longer than this one, as I want it to be a quick and fun read. So this is the plan:

  1. The story of a Noob — My somewhat humble beginnings
  2. The journey begins — Teaching myself in the age before google
  3. They don’t call it intelligence for nothing — My military career
  4. School can’t teach you everything — My time at Uni and my first freelance work
  5. It’s time to settle down — My first real job
  6. Good code is like an onion, it has layers — The right way to write code
  7. My eureka moment — After writing the same code over and over, something had to change
  8. It’s ALIVE — My solution to CRUD boilerplate, and the evolution of the layers
  9. Shit just got real — Using what I learned to land a big contract
  10. Time to give back — The birth of my first open source
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