Professional Goals:

  1. Goal: Make my work go live.
  2. Action Steps: Make my work production ready, bug free and perfect and be proactive about it.
  3. Timeline: Achieve this before March 2024.

Personal Aspirations:

  1. Aspiration: Launch my own website.
  2. Why it Matters: I want to start selling services and products on my website because freelancing platforms have not worked that well for me.
  3. Support System: I am planning to use my friends as my support system for this project.

DEV Community Contributions:

  1. Contribution Goal: I want to write more posts, comment insightful things on other people’s posts and reply to comments on my own posts.
  2. Collaboration Plans: I have not planned any collaborations but if you’d like to collaborate with me on anything, I’m happy to hear about it!
  3. Measuring Impact: The number of people who view my posts, react to them and comment on them is going to be my way of measuring my impact.
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