What’s New in .NET 9 Preview 6: Comprehensive Overview


On July 9th, 2024, Microsoft released .NET 9 Preview 6, featuring significant updates and enhancements across the framework. Key highlights include:

Runtime Updates:

  • ARM64 Code Generation: Improved data loading/storing, enhancing execution time.
  • Code Layout: Optimized basic block ordering for better performance.
  • Loop Optimizations: Enhanced performance by flipping loop counter variables.
  • Reduced Address Exposure: Better tracking of local variables for more optimizations.
  • AVX10v1 Support: New SIMD instruction set for AVX10-enabled hardware.
    Hardware Intrinsic Code Generation: Improved handling of constants in hardware intrinsics.
  • Constant Folding: Enhanced for floating-point and SIMD operations.

SDK Updates:

  • NuGetAudit: Warnings for vulnerabilities in transitive dependencies.
  • dotnet nuget why: Command to identify usage of transitive packages.
  • MSBuild BuildChecks: Enforces rules during builds, similar to Roslyn Analyzers.

.NET MAUI Updates:

  • Quality Improvements: Expanded test coverage and bug fixing for Android and iOS development.
  • ASP.NET Core Updates:
  • Fingerprinting of Static Web Assets: Improved caching and load times.
  • Enhanced Distributed Tracing for SignalR: Better tracing capabilities.
  • Microsoft.AspNetCore.OpenAPI Enhancements: Improved attribute support and schema transformers.
  • New Analyzer for [Authorize] and [AllowAnonymous]: Warns when [Authorize] is overridden.

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C# 13 Updates:

  • Partial Properties: Supports source generators, making APIs intuitive.
  • Primary Constructors in Logging Source Generator: Logging using classes with primary constructors.
  • System.Text.Json Updates:
  • Respecting Nullable Annotations: Enforces nullability during serialization/deserialization.
  • Requiring Non-Optional Constructor Parameters: Treats non-optional constructor parameters as required.
  • Ordering JsonObject Properties: Enables explicit property order manipulation.
  • Additional Contract Metadata APIs: Exposes constructor metadata and improved attribute support.

Libraries Updates:

  • [GeneratedRegex] on Properties: Supports partial properties in C# 13.
  • Regex.EnumerateSplits: Span-based input without allocation.
  • OrderedDictionary: New generic collection.
  • ReadOnlySet: For creating read-only views of sets.
  • Span-Based APIs: New features for file operations and string manipulations.
  • Base64Url: Methods for Base64Url encoding/decoding.
    SocketsHttpHandler by Default: Improved configurability in HttpClientFactory.
  • TLS Resume with Client Certificates on Linux: Adds support for TLS resume on Linux.
  • Metrics Gauge Instrument: Records non-additive values like background noise level.

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