Join 4 Upcoming Events on Continuous Discovery with Teresa Torres in August 2024


I’m hosting a lineup of free events throughout August! I’d love for you to join one.

August 6th: The What & Why of Continuous Discovery

A diagram labeled "Continuous Discovery" that includes a product team conducting weekly interviews and negotiating with a product leader, building an opportunity solution tree, and running tests.

In this webinar, I’ll introduce participants to the continuous discovery framework I outlined in my book Continuous Discovery Habits. We’ll cover:

  • The difference between discovery and delivery
  • My definition of continuous discovery
  • Why continuous discovery matters
  • What a good continuous discovery team does week over week
  • How you can develop your own discovery habits

This webinar is good for folks in product, design, or engineering who are new to my work or just looking for a fresh burst of inspiration. It’s also an excellent opportunity to introduce colleagues to the concepts of continuous discovery.

Don’t miss out—register here!

August 8th: Product Discovery Discussion Sessions for Senior Leaders

I’ve been hosting monthly product discovery discussion sessions for senior leaders (think executives, VPs, CPOs) about the challenges they face managing continuous discovery teams. They’ve been a ton of fun.

This event is a great fit for Vice Presidents or C-level executives who manage product managers, designers, or engineers and want to connect with peers.

If you’d like to join the discussion, you can apply here.

August 13th: Continuous Interviewing: Unlock the Power of Story-Based Customer Interviews

A photograph of two people talking to each other, overlaid with the text "Continuous Interviewing."

This webinar is designed to help you better understand what a good customer interview looks like. We’ll cover:

  • Why most of the advice you read online about customer interviews isn’t adequate
  • The cognitive biases that make it hard to get reliable feedback from everyday customer conversations
  • A simple (but not always easy) technique that will help you get much more out of your customer interviews
  • Some simple ways to practice and build your skill with conducting effective interviews

This webinar is a great fit for product managers, designers, engineers, and their leaders, or anyone else who is working on building their continuous interviewing habit.

Don’t miss out—register here!

August 20th: Identifying Hidden Assumptions: The Key to Faster Discovery Cycles

A photograph of a person putting sticky notes on a wall overlaid with the text "Identifying Hidden Assumptions."

Every week, I hear from people who can’t believe that product teams can actually test multiple ideas in just one week. This skepticism usually comes from those who are still navigating a project-based approach to idea testing. In this webinar, I’ll dive into:

  • Why testing multiple ideas at the same time is critical to product success
  • The key to unlocking faster discovery cycles
  • Five different tactics for how to break your ideas into their underlying assumptions
  • Some simple ways to get started

This webinar is a good fit  for product managers, designers, engineers, and their leaders—or anyone looking for a quicker way to determine which ideas will succeed and which won’t.

Don’t miss out—register here!

How to Find Future Events

Finally, don’t miss out on any of our upcoming events! You can always find the full event schedule in our monthly newsletter—sign up here—and it’s also available in the sidebar on the Product Talk blog. I have plenty more events lined up for this year and would love to connect with you at one of them. Hope to see you there!

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