12 Must-Have Resources for Mastering Milvus – Your Gateway to Seamless Vector Workloads


Embark on your Milvus Adventures: 12 Essential Resources for Seamless Vector Workloads – Your Weekly Guide (Jan 12, 2024)


Our first meetup of 2024 is coming up in San Francisco (Github) and Seattle (Microsoft Reactor) on Jan 16, 2024. Please register early because they fill up fast!

San Francisco registration

  • Christy Bergman, Developer Advocate, Zilliz,
    Vector Search in the Age of OpenAI Assistants using Milvus
  • George Williams, Organizer, Big-ANN NeurIPS 2023,
    Are CPUs Enough? A Review Of Vector Search Running On Novel Hardware
  • Alexy Khrabrov, OSS Community Director, IBM and Chair, Generative AI Commons at the Linux Foundation,
    Introducing the Alliance.ai for Responsible, Safe AI

Seattle registration

  • Beyond RAG: Vector Databases – Yujian Tang
  • Exploring LLMOps: Building Better AI Applications – Sage Elliott
  • Elevating User Experience with Image-Based Fashion Recommendations – Joan Kusuma

ARTICLES To check out ໒(^ᴥ^)७


Vector Search & NLP

TUTORIALS ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

Getting Started with a Milvus Connection
Milvus has four SDKs: Go, Java, Python, React, and Ruby. In this blog, we’ll show steps for Python.

Building an Open Source Chatbot Using LangChain and Milvus in Under 5 Minutes
This tutorial uses a completely open-source RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) stack with LangChain to answer questions about Milvus using our product documentation web pages.

Metadata Filtering with Zilliz Cloud Pipelines
This tutorial discuss scalar or metadata filtering and how you can perform metadata filtering in Zilliz Cloud. This blog continues on the previous blog on Getting started with RAG in just 5 minutes. You can find its code in this notebook and scroll down to Cell #27.

VIDEOS (^▽^)

GITHUB REPOS ᕙ(‾̀◡‾́)ᕗ

We love stars so give us one on our repo!

Milvus Vector Database. Milvus is an open source vector database used to store, index, and manage massive embedding vectors generated by deep neural networks and other machine learning (ML) models.

Akcio: Enhancing LLM-Powered ChatBot with CVP Stack A full chatbot app all open-source for you to try out for your self!

GPT Cache. GPTCache is an open-source tool designed to improve the efficiency and speed of GPT-based applications by implementing a cache to store the responses generated by language models.

VectorDBBench. VectorDBBench is an open-source benchmarking tool to help you evaluate the performance of mainstream vector databases and cloud services with yoru specific use case.

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