Have you ever doubted if you are in the right field?: CodeNewbie Podcast


Vanessa Vun came on the podcast yesterday to talk about her journey as a self-taught coder, finding a job after a bootcamp, and keeping up motivation towards your passions.

Vanessa Vun started her self-taught coding journey in 2022 after quitting a 10-year career as a clinical laboratory scientist. About 14 months later, she landed a job as a Frontend Engineer at SciShield, which provides a platform of solutions for research laboratories.

On the podcast, Vanessa talked quite a bit about redirecting your focus towards a new job goal, specifically from medicine to coding.

She shared:

“I left myself notes around my computer saying like, ‘Pressure makes diamonds,’ or, ‘Always have a learning mindset. Stay curious, collaborate, and remember the truth.’

… Basically I need[ed] to remember my truth and use that truth to empower me to keep going.”

It’s extremely challenging to switch fields and to find a job that fits your needs as a creator.

We want to know:

  • Have you ever doubted if you are in the right field?

  • What helps you better understand these thoughts?

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