3 Habits You NEED to Master Coding


How to LEARN to CODE?

That’s a question that I get asked quite often. So I decided to write a simple procedure that I follow. 🙂

Following the steps below will ensure success in improving your coding skills and helping you become a more efficient person in any field of your work or personal life. Let’s begin.


In a more recent literature, James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits, put it nicely:

“Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become. No single instance will transform your beliefs, but as the votes build up, so does the evidence of your new identity.” – so start identifying yourself as a developer.

Let’s get started with the three habits you NEED to MASTER CODING.

💡 Learn

It’s the most underrated word in English. What am I trying to prove with it?

Accept that you don’t know everything; literally. no one does.
Be ready to learn and improve.
That’s the mindset that will lead you to improvement.

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.
Albert Einstein

If you’re not willing to learn or open yourself to new learnings, then you may travel a mile but not all the way to reach mastery. You’re literally training yourself to fail. 😕

So prepare yourself for anything you may have to face, from new additions to JavaScript to any upcoming frameworks like React or Next.

✍ Create

Have you seen someone learning football by watching matches and commenting on how the professionals play? 🤯

The world would end up with so many people thinking they’re Ronaldo or Messi. Vision without action is just a daydream.

Knowledge without action is like having no knowledge at all
Ted Nicholas

So the next time you start watching a tutorial, make sure you have your VS Code running as well. You must write code yourself, not just watch other people’s code.

But isn’t that called a Tutorial Hell?

Not really. What I’m saying is, watch as many tutorials as you’d like but remember to build a few projects on your own. 😁

No ideas? Come on, that’s undoubtedly not the case.

  • Learning HTML & CSS… Clone the Google/Wikipedia front page

  • Learning JavaScript… Create a Portfolio Website

  • Learning React… Convert that HTML/CSS website into React.

👨‍💻 Share

The world has become insanely online-oriented. Share your progress. Everything from your first HTML/CSS code to React/Node snippets or projects. Whatever it may be!

Here is what will happen:

  • You will continue to hold yourself accountable for what you do. You will have a habit of coding most of the days if not every day.

  • You will meet other people doing something the same (many are already on that path). You will have a like-minded community where you can discuss or debate.

  • You might attract a client. Yes, someone randomly might become impressed by your act of showing up. They might vouch or present you with a job. (this happened to me at only the age of 13)

This is how sharing your journey can help you. 🤠

🌟 Wrapping Up

In summary, becoming a skilled programmer requires a never-ending journey of learning, creating, and sharing.

Keep a curious mindset, apply your knowledge through practical projects, and connect with others by showcasing your growth.

Remember, as James Clear reminds us, each action we take is a step towards who we aspire to be – so make the most of your journey towards becoming a proficient developer. 🚀💻

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I hope you found this article helpful ❤️

Happy Coding! 🚀
Thanks for 11920! 🤗

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