Seven Sites for Free Low-Code App Templates


Starting with low-code or with a template can make your prototyping process faster, and take the risk out of launching your ideas. Why not try a low-code template? The hardest thing about using a template is finding the right one, and that’s where this list can help:

1. Bubble

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  • Marketplace Link: Bubble Templates
  • Description: Bubble offers a vast marketplace of both free and paid templates, covering a wide range of categories, including games, marketplaces, and social networks. It’s a go-to platform for quickly prototyping apps with low-code development.

2. Flutter Flow

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  • Marketplace Link: Flutter Flow Templates
  • Description: Flutter Flow specializes in mobile app development and provides templates for various apps, such as chat GPT clones and Spotify-like music streaming apps. It’s a powerful tool for creating mobile apps effortlessly.

3. Adalo

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  • Marketplace Link: Adalo Templates
  • Description: Adalo offers UI component examples and some full-featured apps, including an app similar to Goodreads. It’s a great choice for those looking to build apps with a focus on user interface and experience.

4. Glide

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  • Marketplace Link: Glide Templates
  • Description: Glide is ideal for data-heavy applications like inventory management or trackers. It simplifies database app development and provides templates to get you started quickly.

5. Voice Flow

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  • Marketplace Link: Voice Flow Templates
  • Description: Voice Flow is a specialized platform for creating chatbots and integrates seamlessly with popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Discord, and Slack. It’s perfect for automating conversations and interactions.

6. BuildShip

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  • Marketplace Link: BuildShip Templates
  • Description: Build Ship is a low-code backend platform that offers templates for building fully-featured apps, including bots. It’s a valuable resource for developers looking to streamline backend development.

7. Share Tribe

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  • Marketplace Link: Share Tribe Examples
  • Description: Share Tribe allows users to create community-based websites for buying, selling, or renting. It provides a gallery of examples showcasing websites built with Share Tribe for inspiration, making it easy to kickstart community-driven projects.
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