I’m creating a new tech community


What’s up folks! I’m here to recruit the coolest people to join my new community.

Recently I decided to step down from my previous community, He4rt Developers (PT-BR) community and start a new thing focused in the international environment.

Yet Another Tech Community

First Community Meeting

First weekly community meeting with a peak of 54 members

The community is called Basement Devs, a community focused to help people to achieve better opportunities in Europe mostly (US can be a thing as well).

Why I decided to start that: I want to give more people a safe place to practice English and get better opportunities around the world through my network with the Microsoft MVP program, Developer Relations communities, and tech events I’m currently attending.

I’ve been working with communities for 5 years so far, but this is the first time I’ve trying to make this a global thing, so it would be cool to have more people join us!

So far the community has 1,160 members and 1 week of existence and most of the members are mid/senior level, Brazilians, from all possible backgrounds and stacks who want to mentor a non-Portuguese speaker (any level) to practice their English.

Also if you know anyone that wants to learn about programming, we’ll be really glad to help them!

So what? Who can join us?

If you’re starting at programming or is already at the market and looking for guidance, our community is what you’re looking for!

We have members that works in huge companies like X-Team, Spotify and GitHub (among many others) that will gladly help you when possible!

And if you’re in university, it will also be a cool thing for you to share some of your problems and solutions for specific classes.

The only thing that we ask you for is to respect the community rules and the Discord guidelines.

Next Steps: stick together ft. Rust!

Our focus is on the Discord community, and I also decided to use this fresh start to learn more about Rust. So all the tools/bots/whatever we’re going to build there will use it.

Weekly meeting schedule

Also I already scheduled a weekly growth meeting, a very special moment to understand from the community what will be our next steps and also bring some good news! This meeting happens every Tuesday at:

  • 5PM (EST)
  • 7PM (BRT)
  • 11PM (CET)

… so feel free to join us if possible!

Usually I do 6h at least of LiveCoding at Twitch and I’m getting at least 1h to discuss about the community together with the members, so, feel free to join us there as well!

Anyway, thanks for reading this until now and welcome to our community!

Link to Discord Community
Link to Twitch Channel
Link to Twitter Profile

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