I made a website teaching you how to calculate the weekday for any past or future date


Wanting to start learning Next.js and being curious about server components, I started building and ended up with a website which explains how the Doomsday algorithm works and how you can apply it to quickly calculate the weekday of any given date.

Check it out for free at https://whattheday.com.

This tool presents you with in-depth explanations and small games for you to practice each part of this algorithm, and then you can put your training into action and play.

If you choose to create an account you can unlock multiple levels and keep track of you highscore for each mini game. You will also see detailed statistics about your guesses so that you can monitor your speed and accuracy over time as you improve your date-to-weekday conversions.

Please let me know what you think below, and any suggestions for improvements are welcome.

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