Navigating Week Two: Insights and Experiences from My Tublian Internship Journey



In the second week of my Tublian internship, the spotlight shifts to the dynamic realm of open source. Delving into the intricacies of project structures, community dynamics, and the innovative integration of AI Copilot, this week promises an enriching exploration of the open-source ecosystem.

In week Two, I contributed to the Apache Airflow repository.

Undoubtedly, the second week at Tublian proved to be a more formidable terrain than the initial foray. However, within the crucible of challenges, I unearthed invaluable learning experiences that have not only enriched my skill set but also brought a profound sense of satisfaction in conquering hurdles.

Week 2 Contribution at Tublian Internship- Navigating the Azure Synapse Seas

Contribution to Apache Airflow and Azure Synapse Integration

In the immersive world of my Tublian internship’s second week, the spotlight shone on orchestrating tasks within the intricate Azure Synapse environment. My journey led me to a key contribution in the form of enhancing a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) in Apache Airflow. Here’s a glimpse into my endeavors

Understanding the Landscape

The DAG in question, named example_synapse_run_pipeline, acts as a choreographer for tasks related to Azure Synapse. With tasks ranging from running Spark jobs to executing specific pipelines, the DAG was a dynamic canvas awaiting my contributions.

Below is The code snippet for the AzureSynapseRunPipelineOperator I worked on:

begin = EmptyOperator(task_id="begin")

run_pipeline1 = AzureSynapseRunPipelineOperator(
pipeline_name="Pipeline 1",

begin >> run_pipeline1

from tests.system.utils.watcher import watcher`

Contributions Made

  1. Optimizing Spark Job Execution

The heartbeat of the DAG pulses through the AzureSynapseRunPipelineOperator, and my first contribution involved optimizing the execution of Spark jobs. By delving into the intricacies of the existing codebase, I identified opportunities to enhance efficiency, resulting in a more streamlined Spark job execution process.

  1. Enhancing Pipeline Execution

The DAG orchestrates the execution of specific pipelines within Azure Synapse, and I took charge of refining this process. Leveraging the AzureSynapseRunPipelineOperator, I enhanced the DAG to seamlessly execute designated pipelines, contributing to a more robust and efficient workflow.

Challenges Faced

Contributions seldom come without challenges. Navigating the complexities of the Azure Synapse environment and understanding the nuances of Apache Airflow tasks presented hurdles. However, each challenge became an opportunity for growth. Debugging intricacies, ensuring compliance with coding standards, and aligning with the collaborative nature of open source were all part of the learning journey.

I encountered challenges while pushing new changes to the same branch where I made the initial changes on my end. I was able to fix it by ` endraw git pull raw ` and then pushing it back to the branch.

This is where a maintainer asked me to create a new example for ` endraw AzureSynapseRunPipelineOperator raw ` followed by referencing it and then utilizing it. With this, I was able to fix it.

The Collaborative Spirit

The open-source nature of Apache Airflow thrives on collaboration. My contributions underwent meticulous code reviews, where experienced maintainers provided constructive feedback. This iterative process not only refined the codebase but also deepened my understanding of best practices in collaborative coding.

Testing and Integration

The integration of a watcher task from the system testing module was pivotal. It not only validated the success and failure scenarios but also emphasized the importance of comprehensive testing in the world of DAG orchestration.

The code passed through testing and integration

Yaay! The PR got merged!

Looking Ahead

As Week 2 concludes, my contributions to the example_synapse_run_pipeline DAG stand as markers of progress. The journey through Apache Airflow and Azure Synapse has been an immersive learning experience, and I eagerly anticipate the upcoming weeks filled with new challenges, contributions, and continued growth.


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