List of repositories to contribute to Hacktoberfest


Hey !!!

Are you into Hacktoberfest

I have a few repositories of mine which you can contribute 👇

  • Python Scripts
    Add automated python scripts which can automate your daily tasks

  • Calculator
    Use html, css, javascript to make this code better. Add issues or solve the existing ones

  • Web Development Resources
    There are a wide variety of web development resources available online, some are curated here. Feel free to add more.

  • Breakout Game
    This one is breakout game built with html canvas, css & javascript. Try to make it better, check the issues section or enhance the functionality.

  • NodeJs Resources
    An ultimate list of nodejs resources. Add more resources or sections related to nodejs to make this repository as a nodejs resource hub.

You can contribute by adding more resources/ solving the existing issues/ creating new issues & providing solution for them.
I would be updating this blog post on necessity for more repositories/ opensource related content.

Thanks for reading ❤️

If you have found any repositories useful support it by starring ⭐
If you have any repositories to mention feel free to comment below.

Happy contributing !!!

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