Hacktoberfest 2022 Starter Guide


Hacktoberfest by Digital ocean always excites the Open source community at large. In this 2022 edition, Apache DevLake and CNCF DevStream projects are participating in Hacktoberfest. Our goal is to enable contributors to learn and grow together with the community.

What is Hacktoberfest?

Hacktoberfest is a month-long challenge that takes place every October to bridge the gap between first-time contributors and the Open Source community. This hacktoberfest caters to all types of contributors. You have the opportunity to contribute to a greater cause if you are a technical writer, community leader, evangelist, or code contributor!

Participating Projects

Apache DevLake(incubating) and CNCF DevStream are participating in Hacktoberferst 2022.

Apache DevLake

DevLake enables Engineering & DevOps to improve productivity and quantify crucial Dev data from your favourite DevOps tools.

DevLake also help Open source Maintainers to track community health. (Checkout Community Dashboard)


CNCF DevStream

DevStream is an open-source DevOps toolchain manager that is of the developers, by the develoeprs, for the developers.

Discover the DevOps practice that suits you best. DevStream will take care of the rest.

What is in for Contributors?

  1. Good First Issues(GFIs)
  2. Documentation
  3. Advocacy/ Evangelism/ Events
  4. Anything you propose!

Good first Issues(GFIs)

Open a good first issue if you find a bug, improvement, or enhancement. Be sure to follow Issue Template. Fork into a remote repository and Make a pull request!


Documentation is very important for any Open source project. Here’s where all types of contributors from various backgrounds land to understand and use the project.

Product Use-cases

Interested to explore product management? We have something for you. Understand DevLake from a product perspective, by contributing with Use-cases, Metrics, Dashboards, and Feedback. Raise an Issue!

Use cases of DevLake

Use-case Dashboards by DevLake

Metrics & Dashboards

DevLake helps to quantify important metrics for Open source projects, Engineering and DevOps teams. This essentially plays a huge role in Product Roadmap, Community Health, Team Productivity and SDLCs (Software Development Lifecycles). If you’re looking for a new metric for your favourite project then you can now make your contribution. Document a new dashboard using DevLake and Grafana.


Learn about Metrics for Engineering teams and OSS Projects


Contribute as a Technical writer or Blogger. Submit your blog proposal by creating a new issue.

Evangelism and Advocacy

We are continuously working on empowering the global community with events, community initiatives and exclusive workshops for Hacktoberfest! This will help contributors to get aware of DevOps, Product and Technical skills.

  • Join slack to get updates!

What would a contributor learn?

To ensure inclusivity we are welcoming contributors from diverse backgrounds, end of the Hacktoberfest, a contributor will understand DevOps ecosystem, Product, Community and a lot more.

Keep Growing in the Spirit of Open source!

  • The issue will be considered valid only if the issue is labelled "hacktoberfest" by the Maintainers of the project.
  • Before you (contributor) make a PR or start working on the issue, make sure the issue is labelled with "hacktoberfest".
  • Spamming is not allowed

Finally, I strongly encourage contributors to use Hacktoberfest as a learning opportunity rather than a simple one-time recognition system.

This is not the end of the open source contribution journey; rather, it is just the beginning. Contribute to open source all year long 😉

If your passion intersects with open source, anything is possible! Be passionate and get aware of Open Source as a “culture” first. There are always new ways to contribute. Welcome to Open source! Happy Hacktober 🙂

We are more than happy to help the Open source community throughout!

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