Interviews Recap – Talking about DevRel, Dev Edu, 3D, Nuxt, and more!


I recently interviewed several people from the Vue.js community that I really enjoy talking to. We covered several topics like DevRel, Developer Education, 3D graphics, Nuxt.js, Helping communities and many more. Below, I am listing all of them so that you can check them out and learn about my friends and what they do everyday 🙂

I definitely recommend you to check them out as people here achieved a lot in their career and they love to share what they have learned along their path to become developers, content creators, leaders, etc.

Let me know in the comments, who you would like me to interview next 😉

DevRel with Alba Silvente

DevRel with Chuck Meyer

Developer Education with Daniel Kelly

3D and Nuxt with Alvaro Saburido

Helping Dev communities with Konstantin Bifert

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