Create News Website using Reactjs with the help of third party Api


Here; I created one News Website using Reactjs Library with the help of Api. Which help us to deliever news to you.

Website Link: Aksh News Website

  • For Detailed Information please watch this Video.
    Youtube video(Detailed Information):

In this video i explained about overall Introduction of my Website which i created with the help of React Js Library and i also explained that what is single page application and the features of single page application and code. And i mentioned api which i use and github source code link also. I hope you like this 😊 .

For that; I use Class Based Component for that. But; You can also use function Based Component for that.

Features of this Website:-

  1. Single Page Web Application
  2. Top Loading Bar
  3. Infinite Scrolling
  4. React Router Dom

Api Link: Api Link

Github Link(Source Code) : Github Link

Thank You.
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