How I got into the AWS Community Builders Program


What is the AWS Community Builders Program?

The Community builders program is a group of passionate developers from all around the world. The program offers technical resources, education and networking opportunities to AWS technical enthusiasts.

Program Benefits

The program has many benefits such as

  • $500 AWS Credits
  • 1 yr free subscription to Cloud Academy
  • AWS Certification Exam Vouchers
  • Service Beta Opportunities
  • Swag Kit

Application Process

AWS accepts application for the program biannually. You can submit your name on the program waitlist to be notified as soon as applications open next year 2023. From my knowledge, there is no single specific criteria for being accepted into the program; however, sharing
accurate technical content (videos, blogs, online meetups, etc) that helps other builders learn more about AWS Services increases your chances of getting accepted.

Here is my personal journey and how I made it into the program. I learned very early on that documentation is very important. Whether I was preparing for an AWS certification exam, learning about a new AWS service, or building a new application on AWS I documented and tracked the process.

Documentation can be done in various forms, writing notes, writing a blog, sharing solutions on a forum, video tutorials, etc. Sharing what you learned with the public has many benefits. It reinforces the concepts you learned, allows other to provide insights or enhance your solution, and it will assist others who are working through their own journey. These are only a few of the benefits of community sharing/learning.

The key takeaway here is, whatever you are working on or learning, share it. Do not learn or build in silos.

I hope you can take insights/tips from my own personal experience to strengthen your chances of also becoming an AWS Community Builder.

If you have any further questions or would love to chat. Please feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn or Twitter

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