How to build Reduct Storage on MacOs


Hey all, we’re going to add support of macOS in the next release (0.9) of the storage engine. However, you should be able to build it from sources:

# install build tools
brew install gcc@11 python cmake
pip install conan

# build
mkdir build && cd build
CC=gcc-11 CXX=g++-11 cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..
cmake --build . -- -j

# run
RS_DATA_PATH=./data bin/reduct-storage

We use the latest C++20 features like coroutines, which clang doesn’t support yet. What is why you should install GCC-11 and use the CC=gcc-11 and CXX=g++-11 variables for cmake.

Moreover, you should be patient, official conan repository doesn’t have binaries for macOS with GCC and conan builds them locally on your machine.

I hope it was helpful, thanks!

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