Gamification in your daily development


Development is fun and if you want to spice it up you could make a gamification plan for your developers. I have used this in some companies I have worked in and this is a fun way to add gamification in your daily development.

This is not something that is mandatory and everyone can choose if they want to participate or not.

Gamification plan

Below is an example of some gamification for app development with five different levels, where level 1 is easiest and for each level it gets harder. It’s easy to change this to a frontend, backend, or Cloud gamification plan.


It’s important with rewards and I have worked with stickers that you can put on your computer. The stickers can symbolize how much work and effort you have put into this and can be used to show others.

Rules and questions

There are a couple of rules that you can apply:

  1. Retroactive: this is the question I mostly get and I always answer it’s okey to go back three months but the idea with this is for everyone to start at the same level
  2. Do I need to present what I have done for a level? No, your words is enough. Speak with your Scrum Master or Project Manager who will vouche for you and you´ll get a sticker
  3. Is this mandatory? No, this is absolutely not mandatory
  4. Do we need to have 5 levels? No of course not, choose whatever suits your company/group

An example of an App Development gamification plan

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Download IDE and create a project Estimate a task Contribute to the app coding guidelines (new section or feedback on existing) Build an app using a Continuous integration tool Create an app using Kotlin or SwiftUI
Compile project and run on a simulator Join an app project Host a knowledge sharing session Create necessary certificates
Sign the application
Publish the app in stores
Host a meetup
Compile a project and run on a device Distribute an app to testers using the chosen distribution tool Mentor a new dev Migrate or upgrade a major version of a project’s platform SDK (iOS or Android)
Attend an app meetup Release an app Contribute to the open source community by uploading >= 3 public repositories to Github Publish a public repository or create a third party library thru any dependency manager
Work in a project with >= 2 developers Review a pull Request Work in a project with >= 5 developers Release your first app
Escort a task from todo to done Create a flowchart describing a feature Go to a developer conference Released a second generation of an app
Solve 10 reported bugs Answer 50 questions on StackOverflow
Answer 20 questions on StackOverflow Create a CocaPods library and publish it
Create your own app and publish it to the store


Any comments, questions or discussions are always welcome!

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