What Is Cloud Computing ?


Cloud Computing:
In Cloud Computing you are using the resource of a computer from the cloud. you only pay according to your use.
Basic Service:
Each Cloud Provider has his own set of services.
There are two basic Services That provide by every Cloud Provider:
1) Compute Power
2) Storage
Compute Power:
Compute Power Is How much Processing your computer can do.
Compute Power Example:
When you buy a PC, you get 8GB of RAM and a suitable processor. but when time goes on and the load of your work to your PC becomes slow. With Cloud Computing you can add/remove compute power as you need and pay as much as you use it.
The Volume of data you can store.
Storage Example:
A Traditional Computer has Limited Hard drive space or with time you are going out of space and have to buy a second hard disk. In cloud computing, you can request according to your requirements for storage.
Benefits Of Cloud Computing:
Cloud Providers Manage the computer, takes backups, and make sure the operating system is up to date as well as make sure that everything is running 24/7.
As your Business grow you can add more resource in an effective way

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