Welcome to the new Vue Storefront Developer Portal


Have you ever wondered why educational material and documentation cannot have a nice DX?

Why can’t companies create a concise experience throughout their material and make it easy to understand what is needed to start developing or simple tutorials to help your daily tasks?

I also feel the same, and dang; this sucks 😟 – Heitor Ramon

That’s why we, the community team at Vue Storefront, decided to create a developer portal to combine all the information you need to start developing with Vue Storefront and help you with those pesky questions, which sometimes require a lot of research and Googling.
We’d like to introduce the new Vue Storefront Developer portal, https://developer.vuestorefront.io.

Our portal concept is a unique place for all the Vue Storefront developers to find answers, acquire new knowledge, get the latest news related to the Vue Storefront community and develop even faster with Vue Storefront.

Do you like open-source projects? So do we. We made the portal open-source and chose the best future-proof tech stack for a Vue ecosystem project. Using Nuxt 3, nuxt-content, and more.

As an open-source project, you are more than welcome to participate in the decisions regarding the roadmap, features, enhancements, translation, and much more. We want to create a friendly and welcoming place for our community members.

Right now, our portal has a documentation hub , an easy link to our community, and a video section. All to help our developers find the information they need, quickly.There is more to come, full cross documentation search, certifications and badges, an integrated community area, user area, events area, a single stop for all the docs (yes, all the docs will be available in the portal), and much more.

As an open-source project, we are happy to have your participation in the decisions and coding of the portal. The portal being open-source is a way for our community to empower it and choose what is best for it.

There will be an open roadmap with the features planned by the community team, but we are always available for new features, enhancements, fixes, and more. Check the code of the portal at https://github.com/vuestorefront/developer.vuestorefront.io.

Come visit our portal, and let’s share this amazing news with all of your developer friends and community.

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