How to implement login in React


Easiest and free way to add login service to any project.

Step 1A: Signup at

After sign in, you will get this screen, click on Continue as individual

Image description

Step 1B: Register your organization

Click on the Work tab at the top right corner.

Click Create New Organization from left navigation bar

Note: if you are not an organization, you can register with your project name.

Image description
Fill the organization details. Lets take an example of indeed where users go to search for jobs. Here indeed’s designated employee will register the organization.

Image description

Image description
Step 1C: Register your domain

Click on organization name (i.e. indeed) on top left corner.

Image description
Click on Domain on left navigation bar

Click on Add new Domain which is at top right side.

Image description
Fill the form and create a Domain.

Image description
After domain creation, View Domain button will appear at top right corner. Click on that button to get the domain key.

Image description

Image description
Step 2: Setup React Project
Create new folder with name react-logify-basic

Open react-logify-basic in visual studio code

Run git clone . in terminal to clone the repository. Github Repo

Install all dependencies with npm i

Image description
Create .env file


Image description
Step 3: Run the Project
Start your project with npm start

Image description

If I click on the login button, I can see login screen

Image description
After login, I can see my details.

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