If You Want to Fix 85% of Your Problems, Read This


1. Have a morning ritual

Successful and innovative people follow a morning routine.
May it be a morning run, cold shower, reading, or writing an article.

Choose what suits you.

Your body needs a jumpstart to stay energized and focused, and doing any kind of physical and mental activity helps you achieve the same.

2. Start with the most important tasks

This will depend on the day, may it be laundry, or replying to e-mails.

This avoids hips from building up and you can free up a big chunk of time on more important tasks like solving a technical problem, working on an idea, or anything else of importance.

3. Always take a break

Being a workaholic will reward you but is still destructive in the long run.

Your body and mind is not a robot that will run all year through and you need a rest.

Take break intervals, maybe take a 15 minutes walk/exercise, and play with your kids/friends/pet.

This will help you

  • Prevent burnouts
  • Regain focus
  • Boost energy levels
  • Improve performance

4. Have a daily Routine

A Daily routine is a non-negotiable activity, this may either be avoiding high-calorie food before bed, doing yoga or researching a particular topic.

5. Keep grinding

This is the most important, whenever it seems and gets hard. Work the as** off the ground, it’s just about to pay back.

Hard work, dedication, and consistency are the only key to success. Sleep late, wake up early, practice that skill, think and streamline that burning idea.

Whenever it pays off, repeat the same process and make it your daily and non-negotiable routine.

Signing out

What are the success tricks that have worked out for you? Let’s share in the comments section.

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