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Hi there, my name is Manami.

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Welcome to my page! 
Thank you for finding and reading my article. I am Japanese and was born and raised in Hyogo prefecture. I spent most of my life in my hometown, which is a small town surrounded by mountains. Since I grew up in nature, my hobbies are pretty much outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, taking pictures of beautiful scenery and skiing.

Although I lived with my family, I liked hanging out with my friends and I had a job in Japan, I currently live in Vancouver, Canada. 
Why? Because I want to become a front-end developer in Canada. In order to make my dream come true, I moved to Vancouver all by myself. 

In this article, I am going to talk about 

  1. What I do in Canada
  2. Why I chose Vancouver
  3. Why I want to become a developer
  4. My goal

1. What I do in Canada? 

I am a student at Cornerstone International Community College of Canada, also know as CICCC. I am taking a diploma program called Web and Mobile Application Development where we can learn either web development or mobile app development. Since I want to be a front-end developer, I chose the web development course, which includes HTML, CSS, Java Script, Node.js, React.js, MongoDB, and more. I get to learn not only front-end but also back-end languages and logic. One month has passed since the class started and I have already learned so many things that I would never learn by myself. I am grateful for this opportunity. 
Currently, I am trying to become a front-end developer, but I think it is important to have knowledge about back-end development as well, so that I can understand what is going on on the backend side.

2. Why I chose Vancouver?

There are mainly two reasons.
First of all, because I love Canada. Ten years ago, when I was at the age of 15, I came to Canada on a school exchange program. That was my first time in Canada as well as my first time abroad. I still remember I was so amazed by everything I saw and enjoyed communicating with my host family even though I didn’t speak English at all. Ever since then, my life has changed dramatically. I started to study English. I got accepted to an exchange program at University of Calgary and I got to learn English linguistics for 2 semesters, which is 8 months. And I am back in Canada now and chasing my dream. If I had not gone on a school program, I would not be here now. I could talk about my experience in Canada forever, but I guess you already know how much I love Canada.

So, let’s move on to the next reason!
Vancouver is a place where technology has been growing rapidly these days. Big tech companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple have their offices, a lot of startup companies are being established and new services have been launched in Vancouver, which means more and more skilled people are moving to Vancouver to create something cool. I want to be one of them, and I also want to have working experience in such an amazing environment. 

3. Why I want to because a developer?

There are two reasons. 
Firstly, it is because I was fascinated when I saw how websites were made. Back in Japan, I was a financial adviser for 3 years. My role was to visit clients and listen to and give them advice about their profits and losses, investments, subsidies, insurance, insurance, tax, and loans, etc. Once a month, I invited them to a marketing meeting to help them increase profits. And one day, when I joined the meeting with clients, making websites was the main topic. One of my clients did not have a website, so I introduced a company that makes professional-looking websites. Luckily, I got involved in the project as a mediator and a financial planner. Throughout the project, I was fascinated by their work, and I started studying by myself. It was so much fun to make something from scratch, and I suddenly felt “This is what I really want to try.” This is how I got interested in this field. 
Another reason I want to become an engineer is that I love traveling overseas. I have always wanted to work from anywhere in the world. In Japan in general, it is hard to have a long vacation. For that reason, I was not sure if I was enjoying my life, even though I was proud of being a financial adviser.
I followed my heart. That is why I am here now.

4. My goal 

My ideal developer is someone who has not only varied knowledge of coding, designing, and logic but also communication skills. In terms of coding, there are a lot of things I have to work on to become a professional engineer. Being an engineer is a big dream. I am sure that I will be facing many errors and problems in the future. When I think about it, I was worried if I could go through all of that, but at the same time, I am happy and excited to learn something I really want to do.
In order to get closer to my career and my dream, I set a milestone. I am going to focus on creating a website with HTML, CSS, and Java Script. Once I have a decent understanding of these languages, I will try using other languages.

If you have any advice or something I should work on, please let me know. 

This is the very first record of my journey. 
Thank you so much for reading.

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