Crypto Bot


Overview of My Submission

Crypto Bot is a collection of micro services which uses algorithmic trading to generate the BUY / SELL Signals based on the data received from the crypto market (Binance API)

the bot uses the pubsub to publish the live crypto prices to the strategy micro service and redis json to store the orders data and the micro services communicate via gRPC with each other

custom strategies can be writen under the strategy-service/strategies

an example (Exponential Moving Average) strategy is given in the repo

Submission Category: Microservice

Language Used: Python, Protobuf

Crypto Bot

crypto bot uses algorithmic trading strategies to generate buy and sell signals for trading
the crypto currency

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How it works

How the data is stored:

    //historical data

        "open": float,
        "high": float,
        "low": float,
        "close": float,
        "volume": float

    // live data

        'open': float,
        'high': float,
        'low': float,
        'close': float,
        'volume': float,
        'is_interval': boolean,
        "symbol": string, // btcusdt
        "interval": string // "5m", "1m", "1h", "1d"

How the data is accessed:

# subscribing to the live data service
REDIS> SUBSCRIBE <channel-name>

# reading historical data
REDIS> JSON.GET historical-<tradingsymbol> '$'

How to run it locally?


  1. python
  2. gRPC
  3. Redis Stack Server
  4. Docker
  5. Binance API Key and Secret
  6. Pushbullet Access Token

Local installation

to start the…

Additional Resources / Info

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