Reduct Storage Python SDK v0.4.0 has been released


This is a little update from the Reduct Storage project. Today, we have released Reduct Storage Client SDK for Python v0.4.0.

Now the SDK supports Reduct Storage HTTP API v0.7, so you can get records for a time interval (or all records in an entry) as asynchronous iterator:

import asyncio
from reduct import Client, Bucket

async def main():
    client = Client('', api_token="reduct")
    bucket: Bucket = await client.create_bucket("my-bucket", exist_ok=True)
    # Query all data in entry
    async for record in bucket.query("entry-1"):
        print(f"Time={record.timestamp}, Size={record.size} bytes")
        print("Content: ", await record.read_all())

loop = asyncio.new_event_loop()

Don’t forget to update your pip package 😉

pip install -U reduct-py
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