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With the growth and popularity Flutter is getting, many people are trying to learn it, but it is confusing for beginners to find the best Flutter Roadmap to learn flutter in 2022 the right way, In this article, I will provide you with all the resources and courses you’ll ever need to learn Flutter, but before getting started, let’s know what’s flutter.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is one of the most famous frameworks nowadays for mobile application developments, In this post, I will show you a step-by-step roadmap on how to learn flutter the right way, 500k apps built using Flutter since its first release in 2018 and this tells the power Flutter has been gained so quickly.
If you’re here that means you want a clear roadmap that you will follow to learn flutter.

Before thinking to learn Flutter you definitely should Learn its programming language Dart even if you have a programming background.

Why Should you learn Flutter?

Most beginners get confused when it comes to which Mobile apps framework/programming language to choose and learn.
Here are some of the solid reason that makes Flutter worth learning:
With Flutter, you can create Mobile apps that work on Android, iOS, and desktop apps that work on macOS, Linux, Windows, and the web, isn’t that amazing?
There are several top apps built with flutter like the Xianyu app by Alibaba, google ads app, Philips Hue by BMW, etc.
Flutter has huge community support and it’s growing fast!

Learn Dart First!

Since Flutter is built on top of Dart programming language, having the basics of Dart is necessary.
There are several courses and websites you can learn Dart from but I’ll address here the most beginner-friendly ones, here are some paid courses:
The Complete Dart Language Guide for Beginners and Beyond

The Complete Dart Language Guide for Beginners and Beyond
This course is created by Andrea Bizzotto, as a beginner in mobile developments, this course will teach you Dart Programming in depth. Includes: basic to advanced topics, exercises, and projects. It’s updated to version Dart 2.15.
Dart – from Novice to Expert Complete Course

Dart - from Novice to Expert Complete Course
In this course, Tiberiu Potec will teach you, Dart, by visualizing the most important concepts of Dart Language, getting deeper into Dart fundamentals, and advanced topics such as sound null safety and OOP.

Paid courses are great but some of you may not afford them that’s why I collected some good free YouTube channels that teach Flutter and Dart in a great way:
FullStack School

” width=”880″ height=”403″>This free Tutorial FullStack School will teach you all the basics of Dart that will allow you to get right into starting learning flutter which provide you best courses in the next paragraphs.

FreeCodeCampWhen it comes to learning computer science and programming FreeCodeCamp is a great choice, in this Dart Programming Tutorial-Full Course, the instructor is covering Dart from its basics to advanced topics.
Vandad Nahavandipoor(advanced topics)

” width=”880″ height=”403″>
Vandad Nahavandipoor in this course dives into Dart in detail and explores all its concepts.

If you are a reader and you like to learn by reading, I got you covered! here are some good websites to learn Dart from:

Dart’s official website is the first resource I’m addressing, from a personal perspective learning from the official docs is a very good choice for developers who wants to learn things from its sources.

After getting familiar with Dart and having surrounded your head about its concepts, It’s time to jump into Flutter.

Learn Flutter

Now let’s take you one step further in your mobile developments journey and start learning Flutter, The courses I will recommend to you, it’s better to take them by order since will take you from the basics of Flutter to Advanced Topics such as State management and how to create complex applications.
So the first course that focuses on the basics of Flutter is The Complete 2021 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart by Dr. Angela Yu.

The Complete 2021 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart
This course is officially created in collaboration with the google flutter team and it aims to teach especially beginners how to learn flutter in a way that focuses on fundamentals.
Once you took this course and have understood Flutter widgets, how to use them, and created several basics apps, the second course I’d recommend that focus on advanced topics is
Flutter & Dart – The Complete Guide [2022 Edition]

Flutter & Dart - The Complete Guide [2022 Edition]
In this course, Maximilian Schwarzmüller teaches you Flutter and Dart in a depth, besides that he always tries to make you feel the importance of writing clean code and structuring the application so it will be easy to maintain in the future.

What’s Next?

By taking the courses above you will be ready to jump into practicing by yourself, and build stuff because let’s be honest, taking the courses will not take you that far if you don’t put the knowledge you have learned into practice, the name of the game is consistency and not giving up, fortunately, the Flutter Community is very helpful and people there are willing to help, if you find yourself stuck at something don’t get discouraged you can reach out the Community and describe your issue and definitely will find someone who will help you.

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