Please help to find a Reliable Blockchain Payment Gateway from Fiat


How are you
Hope you’re having a good summer.
I am managing Event Ticket Platform.
Customers visit site from ads or referral links and buy tickets on many events.
At the moment, site supports 3 payment types

  • Stripe
  • Paypal
  • smart contract (etherum contract for sending from one to our wallet + organizaer’s wallet)

Our site had some refunds, disputes on Stripe sides so stripe warned us they can’t move forward with our business, they suggested to change to the other payment gateway.
So our team started to find proper payment gateway, but there’s no proper payment gateway like stripe features.

In conclusion, we made decision to find block chain payment gateway to support fiat (credit/debit card payment).
so customers will pay by their credit cards and we will receive to our wallet like stable coin (USDT alternatives)
I found some platforms like but the reviews on trustpilot are so bad.
Does anyone know this blockchain payment gateway, but reliable 5 stars?

Thanks for reading my post.

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