We are trending on Github, This is how we did it 🤯


To be honest, Github has an extraordinary algorithm, and it’s pretty impossible to know what going on back there.
We do have a slight feeling I want to share with you today!

Before we start, I would be thrilled if you could help me by starring ⭐️ our library Novu! So we can keep on being Trending.


We know that to be trending, you must have a lot of pinpoints that lead to your library with some activity. That can be a Github star, Issue, Pull request, etc.

Everything is thanks to this fantastic DEV community and the open-source community!


We started last week with an article on dev.to that got super Trending!
How to build a real-time Auction System with Socket.io and React.js 🤯

This article became so trending that we got on daily.dev, retweeted/posted on many other websites.
And then the follow-up of the series got a lot of traffic also
How to build a real-time Auction system – Connecting Socket.io With React 🔥

So that was awesome!
We also released our article about open-source:
How to raise funds for an open-source company 💵

Just to share a bit of detail:

Details 2



We got tweeted by Vercel founder Guillermo Rauch. Totally unexpected 🙏🏻.
And got many more tweets and retweets.
Guillermo Rauch
Image description


We posted on Reddit that we are trending, got many more stars, and moved from trending on Typescript to global Trending.

In conclusion

We didn’t plan that, but we are super excited that it happened to us. We hope it will last for a long time. It really helps Novu and the community to grow ⭐️
If you can help us with a star, that would be amazing!

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