Appwrite Community Report #17


Howdy people! 👋

We are back with our weekly community report, to share with you all what Appwrite has been doing! 🤩

TLDR; Presenting before you some newly released videos from the Appwrite team, issues solved, work-in-progress and more Appwrite related stuff. Stay tuned till the end! 😉

📢 What’s new

  • We just announced the third project for the OSS Fund

If you are a maintainer or know a maintainer who would love some support, tell them about the Appwrite OSS Fund

✅ Issues solved

Here’s to making Appwrite better everyday! Issues we have worked on this week:

  • Removed constants from response models
    🔗Link to PR

  • Fixed code displays, not correctly rendering certain input
    🔗Link to PR

  • Fixed alert and redirect of successful password resets in Appwrite
    🔗Link to PR

  • Refactored usage stats to aggregate more stats from already collected lower time period stats, instead of using influx db
    🔗Link to PR

⚒️ What we’re currently working on

  • Refactoring permission levels
  • Refactoring Appwrite’s queries
  • Addition of console log capturing ability in runtimes
  • Addition of fast2sms phone provider by community member Garvitomer

🗣 Discussions

Let’s talk about Appwrite’s queries
🔗Join the discussion here

📘 Resources

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